Saturday, November 30, 2019

End of an Era

In case I don't get to see tomorrow's departure, I took the opportunity this morning to get a photo of two tug /suppliers for the last time. As previously recounted Burin Sea and Trinity Sea were rebuilt by Secunda Marine in the late 1990s from Neftegaz 1 and Neftegaz 2. Originally built in Poland in 1983 the pair had been laid up unused for some time. When rebuilt, they were classed as new.

Sometime tomorrow Burin Sea will take Trinity Sea in tow for Turkey where the two will be broken up for scrap.

The two boats are tied up at The Cove, the former Coast Guard base in Dartmouth. In the background can be seen Leeway Odyssey and Coriolis II which are also based at The Cove.


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