Thursday, July 29, 2010

Svitzer departs, Atlantic arrives

All three Svitzer tugs left Halifax this morning for Point Tupper to take up their new station. Svitzer Bedford towed Point Valiant and Point Chebucto sailed light tug. They left their dock before 7 am.

1. At right: Svitzer Bedford, towing Point Valiant (far left) while Point Chebucto (centre) overtakes. 2. Svitzer Bedford takes the lead.

3. Point Valiant brings up the rear. Her shafts were locked for the tow.

4. Point Chebucto butts into the chop to catch up to the tow, and to keep the channel clear for other ships.

Yesterday Atlantic Larch arrived and today Atlantic Spruce is due, joining Atlantic Oak to form the nucleus of Atlantic Towing's Halifax presence.

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  1. Hi Mac; I felt a little more then just sad to look at your pictures of Ectug leaving Halifax. I first went master there in June 1974. My first boat was then under the name Foundation Vigour. I believe she may have been the last one to be changed to Point. Really enjoy your blog. Its really great that you can put your hobby out here for us to enjoy. Thanks Mac.
    Bill Stewart