Monday, October 18, 2010

Trespasses Forgiven

1. The No Trespassing sign does not apply to tugs of Atlantic Towing.

2. In the background, Rowan Gorilla 3 preempts Atlantic's normal berthing spaces.

Atlantic Larch tied up at the Svitzer Canada dock this afternoon. This is the first time since the August departure of Svitzer's tugs for the Strait of Canso that Atlantic Towing has used the pier. With the arrival of the drilling rig Rowan Gorilla 3 last week, Atlantic's normal berthing space at Woodside has been partially preempted. Atlantic Larch initially moved to pier 24, but since there is no shore power there, it must be an inconvenient location. I noted them taking fuel yesterday at pier 24, but early this afternoon the tug showed up at Svitzer's.

With the formation of Halifax Marine Towing LP (a joint venture between Svitzer and Atlantic) the Svitzer pier has been empty - a real loss to the accessible Halifax waterfront- let's hope activity returns and we will once again see tugs coming and going from downtown Halifax.

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