Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mega and Motti - en route

Groupe Océan's recently acquired articulated tug / barge combination Mega and Motti have reached Bermuda. They are hop-skipping across the Atlantic with stops so far in La Coruna, Spain and the Azores.
[reference Tugfax - December 17, 2012:]
The pair were registered in Canada in December, but were soon chartered out under the flag of St.Vincent and the Grenadines for delivery by the Dutch company Redwise. Noted for making extreme delivery trips, Redwise seems to find no obstacles too severe for their experienced crews.
For more on Redwise, including their current deliveries see:
If you can read Dutch the Captain's progress reports probably make interesting reading:


  1. A condensed translation of Capt Wiechmann's blogs.
    The Mega Moti departed Germany shortly after the new year.
    During the trip across the Bay of Biscay the motion of the ocean
    dislodged large amounts crud and crap lurking in the bottom of
    the fuel tanks.This resulted in clogged fuel filters and stalled
    engines and probably some very colourfull commentary by the
    lads in the black gang. This required a diversion to La Coruna
    to effect temporary repairs.
    In Las Palmas it was all hands below deck to muck out the
    fuel tanks. Five days later with the job finished,the heavy demand
    on the showers caused the hot water boiler to crap out.
    Because of the delay Redwise decided to by pass Bermuda
    and head straight for the Gulf of St.Lawrence,but foul north west
    Atlantic weather put the kibosh to that plan and so it was steer
    for the Bermudas
    The two week leg to Bermuda was smooth sailing and
    uneventful except for the celebrations of the chief engineer's
    and secon mate's birthdays
    Upon arrival in Bermuda it didn't take the lads long to discover
    the spirit of the island,namely its superb dark rum. and the place of
    discovery was probably that famous mid Atlantic watering hole,
    the White Horse Tavern.
    The crew has been monitoring the weather forecasts looking
    for a fair window in Canadian east coast. But the window has not
    opened and an ongoing spell of foul weather has even kept the
    storm shutters battened down.
    But a check on the Bermuda Marine Transport site indicates
    that the Mega Motti is scheduled to sail sometime on Wed. Mar. 6.
    The fair weather window appears to be opening but the
    Ides of March could slam it shut without notice!

  2. A brief translation of Capt. Erik Wiechman's blog posted on Mar 4th
    At that time the Mega Motti was docked at the cruise ship
    dock in dowtown Hamilton where the tug/barge combo has become
    a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike with Capt. Wiechmann
    conducting the odd tour of bridge and engine room. The Captain
    also posted a photo of a crewman displaying a box of island
    pastries (doos gebak) and a tin of delectable Bermuda rum cake!
    What piqued my interest was the Dutch word terugkeer at the beginning of the blog,which translates into return and indicates
    that the vessels had left for Canada hoping for a good weather
    window but was forced to return due to rough sea conditions.
    Speaking from past experience weather forecasts for the
    western side of the Western Ocean during fall ,winter and early
    spring can be pure speculation.

  3. Actually Mega Motti in Bermuda first after an extended stay on Las Palmas. Then while enroute from Las Palmas to Bermuda changed course for Halifax, only to change again to Bermuda.

    They stayed the first time bermuda maybe a week and departed, only to return for some reason 4 days later.

    When they finally left again, they steered out due east(according to AIS).

    It seems they are close to Canada according to the blog, but their AIS is not in range iy seems