Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sandra Mary and pair of veteran scows

Sandra Mary put in to Halifax today en route to a dredging job in southwest Nova Scotia., towing a pair of veteran mud scows.  Due to restrictions against double tows in Halifax harbour, Dominion Diving's tug Roseway went out and took over the tow of one of the scows.
All four vessels are veterans in fact. Sandra Mary was built by Russel Hipwell in Owen Sound in 1962 as Flo Cooper, a name she carried until 2000, through a variety of owners, starting with C.A.Pitts Construction, She is rated at 1360bhp on a single screw.
Roseway is a twin screw tug of 300 bhp, built originally for the Department of Public Works, but has been running for Dominion Diving since 1989.

Roseway took control of scow S.12, built in 1962 by Ocean Steel and Construction in Saint John, NB. as DPW No. 152. It measures 214.47 gross tons. It was renamed "s" for "scow" in 1995 when DPW disposed of its dredging fleet.

Sandra Mary kept towing S.11, which was built in 1977 by McNamara Corp in Whitby, ON as DPW No.77 - a name she still carries on her flanks thanks to welded letters. It was acquired by Beaver Marine, which was later taken over by McNally Construction.
Both scows are bottom dumping type (as opposed to the more modern split hopper type).
Sister tug to Sandra Mary, is Mister Joe which is being rebuilt over the winter in Belleville, ON.

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