Monday, April 15, 2013

Scotian Sea - back from first trip

I covered the initial arrival of Scotian Sea in Canada on April 8 in Shipfax, but offshore supply vessels are usually lumped in with tugs, even thought they don't have towing capability.
After a very short time for preparation, the Scotian Sea went into service for Secunda Marine, sailing for the Sable Island area April 13. It returned this afternoon, allowing me a clear view of the ship for the first time.

Although it is a supplier, it also has standy, rescue and firefighting capabilities. It carries three Rigid Hull Inflatables (RHIBs), two appear to be fast rescue craft and the larger one a work boat with a cabin.
The biggest boat appears to have a name, but it was not legible from my vantage point.

Update: The boat is an MP-1000 WJ FRDC = Fast Rescue Daughter Craft, with a speed of about 30 knots:

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