Monday, July 15, 2013

Atlantic Coast towing for Penn Maritime

While Penn Maritime tugs and barges are common sights in Halifax, it is rare to see a Penn barge towed by a non-Penn tug. This morning's arrival is Dann Marine Towing Inc's Atlantic Coast towing the barge Penn 410.

The current Penn fleet of 17 tugs and 20 barges, specializes in carrying heated asphalt and heavy bunker type oil. Dann Marine also has 17 tugs in its fleet, consisting of ocean/coastal and pushers. Once the tow got into the harbour, the harbour tug Atlantic Larch came alongside.

Atlan tic Coast was built in 2007 by Rodriguez Boat Builders of Bayou Le Batre, AB, and is powered by two Cat main engines totaling 3,000 bhp driving two fixed pitch props in nozzles.

Once the Larch was secure,  the tug let go its tow wire and came around to the stern of the barge and into its stern notch.

Penn 410 is a double hull barge of 7,527 gross tons/ 12,471 deadweight tonnes. It is a wire tow barge, with a deep notch, and can therefore accommodate tugs without coupler/articulation systems.

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