Friday, July 5, 2013

Wee tugs at work

The small outboard motor driven tug/workboats reported on earlier, are now at work moving gravel at pier 6. Using a pair of miniature dump scows, they are transferring gravel from shore to form the base for the new pier 6 sea wall. A crane on the sectional scow will level out the gravel, and work with the placement of  concrete cribs.
2. One tug moves the empty dump scow S.A.2 .

3. The other tug moves the loaded scow S.A.3 .
4. Moving the scow into position.

5. The split hull scow drops its load in position. 
5. The unnamed tug carries its registration number.

The two dump scows, S.A.2 and  S.A.3 are the former DPW No. 196 and 197, built in 1988 by Verreault Navigation Inc. They were renamed in 1990s when DPW sold of its dredging fleet. Current owners are listed as Indian Head Tug Boat Ltd of Port Hastings, NS.
The tugs are owned by Municipal Enterprises,  the parent company of Municipal Construction and Dexter Construction, contractors for the seawall.
[All photos July 3]


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