Monday, May 19, 2014

Dominion Diving Flotilla

The annual Dominion Diving  work in Bedford Basin began this afternoon when the barge DD 2000 was moored in the #10 anchorage area. A small flotilla of DD tug/workboats towed the barge from Dartmouth Cove..

Leading the way is the twin screw tug Roseway , rolling a bit in the wake of a passing powerboat. It's work was completed when the barge was safely moored.

Multi-purpose Dominion Victory, a tug, diving tender, research vessel, assists in powering the flotilla, and will provide accommodations for divers working from the barge.

Veteran tug/workboat Westport Ferry will be the tender during the dive operation.

The barge will be moored in the Basin for 20 days as divers work on maintaining the RCN's sound range.  take the Nova Scotia Community College's deep dive course. The operation will be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



  1. Good shots, however it has nothing to do with the Navy. This is this years course from NSCC for deep dive work. The are on Jonquiare Bank (22 meters) 44 off the cliff face. This is a annual spring ocuarance. Love the web sight.

  2. Sound Range is at Fergusons Cove, De-Gausing Range by Natioal Gypsun.