Monday, May 19, 2014

Tugs on display and tugs at work

As per Shipfax, the tugs Atlantic Willow and Atlantic Oak were at work today berthing ships, but they broke off for a spell early this afternoon to perform a display for a certain royal personage at pier 20.

Atlantic Willow blots out the George's Island lighthouse and radar tower as she spins.

Atlantic Oak pauses momentarily, but was largely invisible for most of the demonstration.

Unlike some firefighting  tugs, Atlantic Willow does not have a dousing system to wet down the tug's superstructure.

Both tugs were doing pinwheels, and with their cannons aimed at various angles, they sprayed large arcs of water, covering themselves and the near shore with a fine mist. At times the tugs were hardly visible.

Left out of the demo was Atlantic Larch which also had real work in the harbour. The tug returned to Halifax last week after a quick refit and hull painting in Shelburne.

Atlantic Larch has no firefighting gear, but does have a towing winch. Here she is returning from Fairview Cove where she berthed Atlantic Cartier.

Atlantic Willow has firefighting gear, but no towing winch. Here she is returning from undocking Barkald and headed for the fire fighting demo.

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