Friday, June 6, 2014

Captain Jim

Another busy workboat in Halifax is the launch/workboat Captain Jim. Operated by RMI Marine (a Division of Remote Access Technology Management Inc) it is based in Eastern Passage, with fleet-mate Belle D.
Captain Jim has a well-fendered and rounded projecting bow which allows it to nose up to docks and ship's sides, for ease of boarding by agents and other ship visitors.

The boat was built of FRP in 1989 by Guimond's Boats Ltd of Baie Ste-Anne, NB, on traditional Northumberland Strait fishing boat lines.

In 2000 it was registered by Atlantic Towing Ltd as Atlantic Walnut and used to ferry pilots and agents to ships in Saint John harbour. In 2004 it came to Halifax for RMI Marine. They have used it as a diving tender, agents' launch and it has done some barge handling and tug work (it does have a towing bit.) It also transports spares, stores, crew and ice advisers to and from ships.

Getting away from the Svitzer dock en route to the bulker Danhil taking bunkers, Captain Jim is carrying the ship's agent who will complete paper work before the ship sails. Its towing bit is small, but useful.

It is another of the several small craft that are in use almost every day in Halifax harbour.
On shore for maintenance in Eastern Passage June 20, 2009, Captain Jim shows her fine hull lines and flared bow.

For more on RMI Marine, see their web site:

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  1. I have learned that RMI was part of Remote Access Technologies at one time, but is now a separate company.