Monday, June 23, 2014

J.F.Whalen - part 2

part 2......

Following close on delivery of the J.F.Whalen hull by truck from GaspĂ©, the 55,000 lbs unit was lifted off and floated alongside today. 
Late this afternoon the wheelhouse arrived by truck.

It was only a matter of minutes for the boom truck to lift the house off the flatbed,
swing it over the dock,

 and lower it onto the hull.
With a little persuasion from the crew, the house was soon in place. It was then bolted down, and the job of installing  components was ready to start. Among those are a pair of push knees which will be fitted into slots on either side of the stem.

Following a naming ceremony next week the tug will be assigned to its first job. That may be in Belleville, ON. If so the process of dismantling and trucking away will happen again, but in reverse.

For the record it is Atlantic Tiltload Ltd that did the transporting and lifting.

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