Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lyubov Orlova - one way to solve a problem

It appears from press and private reports that Maersk Challenger was hired to tow the derelict and drifting Lyubov Orlova out beyond the 200 mile limit and let it go.
The last report I had about mid-day today was that the ship was 90 km outside the zone, 460km SE of St.John's.
It gives the term "deportation" a new meaning!
No port in Atlantic Canada wanted to be saddled with this ship, and the government didn't want to deal with it, since no compensation was likely forthcoming from its owners, and so decided to remove it from Canada.
I would certainly question the acceptability of shoving something unwanted out into international waters, where it either becomes nobody's problem or every body's problem. Canada can no longer claim that it takes the high road on environmental or other issues when it continues to take actions such as this. A few years back a ship was ordered out of Halifax when its cargo was found to be contaminated. It went out to sea, dumped the cargo overside, and returned to Halifax few days later - problem solved! 
Then there is the hazard to navigation issue. A derelict ship, will show up as  a radar target, but it would be just as effective as an iceberg if someone collided with it. What if the ship becomes partially submerged? Lets hope that mariners remain alert and vigilant enough to avoid it.


  1. Wow...I just can't fathom the reasoning. They had it under control and just let it go ?!?!?!?!

  2. Just wondering if this is wise of our Canadian authorities who always seem to preach ship safety?Somehow or another I think we will hear more about this whether it be a collision or something...

  3. Surely you must be jesting. The Feds can't be that irresponsible as to let go a dead ship with no lights to drift until it;
    (1) sinks
    (2) comes ashore in Greenland, Iceland, Europe or where ever,
    (3) is run down by a ship
    or any other possibilities.
    Surely the Feds have some legal responsibilities to deal properly with thi issue?

  4. This is just unbelievable that someone would try and do this. With all of the International Laws that we have now a days I would think someone would have their head handed to them for trying this. I hope that someone gets this thing under tow before someone hits it.