Thursday, September 26, 2013

Atlantic Maple - splendid tug, gone for scrap.

After many years of layup and on the sale broker's list, Atlantic Towing finally gave up on the Atlantic Maple this summer and scrapping began at the Indiantown tug base in Saint John, NB, and is largely completed by now.
In the 1960s Atlantic Towing Ltd ordered a pair of sea-going tugs from Saint John SB & DD.  First was Irving Maple and second was the larger Irving Birch. Irving Maple was delivered in 1966 and set to work towing oil barges for Irving Oil. Some very large barges, such as Irving Whale and  Irving Sealion were the usual consorts of this tug, which was also available for salvage and other towing work.

    Her fine lines and high bow made her an excellent sea boat, and she proved herself many times over in bad weather and awkward tows.
     In 1975 she towed the broken down Leslie from Newcastle NB to Philadelphia after a grounding.
    Built for navigation in ice, Maple made several trips to northern waters, the most memorable was in 1980. She assisted Irving Birch in towing a mine plant barge from Trois-Rivières, QC to Little Cornwallis Island for Cominco’s zinc mine.

     January weather in 1982 made for a difficult salvage job with Irving Birch when they were called upon to retrieve the tanker Arhon which had been adrift for two weeks off Sable Island. They arrived safely in Halifax January 27, and the ship was eventually towed to Spain for repairs by Irving Miami. In March of the same year Maple took the lead in salvaging the abandoned Dalia D. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The ship had taken on a severe list in pack ice, but Maple, assisted by Irving Birch were able to get the ship safely into Gaspé Harbour.

    In 1984 she towed the two large Irving tankers H.1060 and H.1070, in tandem, from Point  Edward NS to Spain for scrap, arriving at Castellon July 9.
    She also towed the paper barge Kent Carrier and Kent Transport on numerous occasions, up and down the east coast.

    When business was slow in the 1980s recession, she was laid up at an anchorage in the Saint John River with Irving Birch and Culver. The fresh water in the river inhibited marine growth during the idle period.
    In February 1995 she towed the newly launched Atlantic Spruce (i) from Georgetown PEI to Halifax NS for completion.

    With the elimination of tanker barge services and the delivery of new harbour tugs, Atlantic Towing changed the existing tug's names. After working a few years as Atlantic Maple, the tug was laid up at Atlantic Towing’s Indiantown base in Saint John in 2003. Although there was some expectation that she would see service in 2008 she remained mothballed until demolition began in the summer of 2013.
Atlantic Maple, ex Irving Maple -96
    O.N. 326466    IMO 6619578
    487grt 1966 Saint John SB & DD [1063]
    35.36m x 9.45m x 4.27m
    8 cyl Polar (Nydqvist & Holm) = 3200bhp,
    1 screw, controllable pitch prop in nozzle


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  1. The Atlantic Poplar has now joined the Maple