Saturday, September 7, 2013

Groupe Océan update

The two Stevns tugs arrived at Ile-aux-Coudres on schedule during the night of August 7. They were hauled out in turn on the marine slip at Industrie Océan for delivery inspection, and perhaps some small underwater work.
I was on the scene the next morning and gave them a quick appraisal. They are in surprisingly good condition, and are impressive tugs despite being overshadowed by the giant Océan Tundra under construction at the yard.
1. Altough dwarfed by the newbuilding Océan Tundra, Stevns Arctic is still an impressive tug. Note the stern lacks the ice knives of the new tug, however their hull lines are essentially the same.

2. Stevns Océan, the older of the pair, is still in pristine condition despite an ocean crossing.

Following a few days on the slip, the tugs went on to Quebec City where they were repainted in Océan colours and renamed at Océans ship repair base.
Stevns Ocean (built in 2002) has become Océan Stevns, at least for the duration of the charter, and Stevns Arctric (completed in 2005) is now Océan Arctique. The tugs were registered in Ottawa, on August 15. They have been placed under the management of Océan Remorquage Côte-Nord Inc, which confirms that they will be assigned to the Iron Company of Canada contract at Sept-Iles when  Svitzer's contract expires later this year.
Strangely, Transport Canada's web site lists their power as 1850 kW. This is the power of each of their two MaK engines, at roughly 2500 bhp each, totaling 5,000.

3. The business end features this double drum ship handling winch, with anchor windlass.
4. The after deck is small, but features a towing winch and a small tugger winch.


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