Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sable Sea - sad story

 1. Sable Sea at pier 9A on Saturday. Still in Secunda colurs, but now sold, presumably for scrap.

The supplier Sable Sea has finally found a buyer after many months of maintenance/ layup at pier 9 and other locations in the harbour. It would seem however that the sale is for scrap rather than for further use.
New owners are listed as Icefresh Ltd, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, UK. They are the same people that bought the trawlers Cape Ballard and Cape Beaver last year. While on delivery to the scrappers, Cape Beaver sank, but Cape Ballard reached port safely after rescuing Cape Beaver's riding crew. Icefresh is apparently associated with Icelandic and Danish interests.

I have covered the history of Sable Sea before, see:
According to Transport Canada's website, Sable Sea has been re-classified as a yacht - thus freeing it from commercial standards before being cleared to sail from Canada. Nevertheless, it still required a pilot when it sailed some days ago, but experienced engine trouble and had to return to port, again requiring another pilot.
I understand that the ship has now been detained with several liens placed against it by creditors, so ti may be here for some time to come.


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  1. First time I hear of registering as a yacht to sail a tug. I did not know this could be done. Could you sail a tug registered as a yacht between canadian ports to avoid inspection before going to drydock?