Saturday, April 11, 2015

Svitzer Cartier - another update

The protective box over the winch has been removed, revealing the massive Karmoy unit that will be used in ship berthing. The box turns out to have been more than just a shelter, it was also insulated and heated. This means that the winch itself was not designed for winter operation, and will have to be upgraded to survive normal operating conditions in Canada. All its piping and control are exposed on the port side, and will require some sort of permanent protection.

A portion of the temporary housing, which joined it to the permanent superstructure has not been removed yet.

The tug also took fuel today and made a short trials trip in the harbour.

But there is till lots of work to do to make the tug ready for service.

The towing staple, sheathed in stainless (?) steel, intended to protect expensive mooring lines from chafe, looks more than capable of shredding lines instead.


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