Thursday, April 16, 2015

Svitzer Cartier sails

After completing trials, including a bollard pull test, Svitzer Cartier sailed this morning for the Verreault shipyard in Les Méchins, QC.

After a brief stint at the yard for underwater survey (usually a condition of any handover) and any other work that needs to be done by a shipyard, the tug will be ready to work at Port Cartier.

As a follow up to my previous posts, ArcelorMittal will continue to operate its own tugs Brochu and Vachon at Port Cartier, and Svitzer will operate Svitzer Cartier.

Svitzer also operates the tug Pointe-Comeau at Baie-Comeau, which was called in if needed at Port Cartier, but that will be less likely to happen now. The two ports are more than 100 miles apart, which required a lot of advance notice and planning, which will now be alleviated.


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