Saturday, April 18, 2015

May C - gets a spa treatrment

It is said that 75% or more of an iceberg is underwater and invisible. The percentage may not be as high with a tug, but there is generally more underwater than you would think. Such was the case today seeing the tug May C hauled out for a refit at Aecon Fabco in Pictou.

May C on the cradle at Pictou, with shaft drawn and prop and rudder removed, getting an underwater clean and paint.

The shipyard bought the tug in 2011 and have used it around their yard and in the Pictou area for a variety of chores.
A quick drydocking for a hull scrape and paint is often termed a "shave and a haircut" , but this refit appears to be more extensive (not to mention the indelicacy of such terms in the case of a female) - it is more of a makeover or at least an spa treatment. 
I have covered the tug several times before on this blog including:

May C alongside the government wharf in Pictou last September.


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