Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Craig Trans - more

With storm conditions persisting the tug Craig Trans is secure at pier 25, but she is still bobbing around in the swells.
The tug has certainly seen better days. She still wears her Foss green hull colour with white bulwark panel, but the formerly white painted house has been daubed over with a sort of rusty yellow. The  colour does not conceal some real rust streaks weeping from vents. And there is lots of soot from her EMDs staining the work boat and funnel.
She flies the Bolivian flag on her signal mast, but still maintains some dignity.

More news when I have it.


  1. Hey Mac

    I was just reading on West Coast Ferries Forum that according to CTV news the Tug CRAIG TRANS has been detained in Halifax because of poor living conditions for the crew. According to the quick blurb the sailors ran out of food three days ago and where forced to dock due to weather.
    It was heading to Montreal to pick up a scrap ship and take it down to Mexico. I just thinking it may be picking up the MV Fundy Paradise.


  2. CTV News aired an interview with the Mate tonight. Tug being held for deficiencies/conditions and Mission to Seafarers assisting the crew. Said they were sailing for Montreal to tow a scrap ship to Mexico. Seems strange.

  3. they are going to Beauharnois to pick up the Kathryn Spirit that is now owned by mexican interests according to local reports. I guess they want to get her before seaway closes. I say try again next year...

    Mathieu Larochelle

  4. Ahh, Seaway Inspection yet to come. Good luck with that.
    After all these years the life of seamen is still so worthless to so many around the world?

    Paul Beesley