Friday, July 15, 2011

Pups at play

In a very stiff northerly breeze, it wasn't exactly child's play to dock the visiting USCG Eagle this morning [see also Shipfax]. However the two navy Ville class tugs Granville and Merrickville were up to the job, and made it look easy.

Both tugs were wearing white "bibs" over their bow fenders, and made up well out in the stream. They had to push to keep the ship up into the wind, and to keep it alongside until lines were secure.Built in 1974 the tugs are rated at 7.5 tonnes bollard pull, with 365 bhp.

As Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessels (CFAV) they are manned by civilian crews and work under the direction of the Queen's Harbour Master at HMC Dockyard.

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