Saturday, November 28, 2020

Tug Shuffle

 The advantage of having a multi-tug fleet was apparent this past week when Atlantic Towing Ltd sent two tugs to Newfoundland and moved one from Saint John to Halifax to cover. 

Atlantic Willow and Atlantic Larch were tasked with docking the Terra Nova FPSO in Bull Arm. Atlantic Willow is normally based in Halifax, so its place was taken in the interim by Atlantic Beaver brought in from Saint John. Atlantic Larch is often used as an "outside" tug, rather than a harbour tug, and is based in Saint John.

Atlantic Beaver returns to the base in Woodside after a job.

Now that the Newfoundland job is over, Atlantic Willow has returned to Halifax, and Atlantic Bear and Atlantic Larch are en route back to Saint John. 

Atlantic Beaver was built in 2008 and is rated at 5432 bhp and 70 tonnes bollard pull.
Atlantic Willow was built in 1998 and is rated at 4000 bhp and 50 tonnes bollard pull.

Both were built at East Isle Shipyard in Georgetown, PEI and are azimuthing stern drive tugs.


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