Sunday, September 19, 2010

Larch and Willow on hull bollards

1. Atlantic Willow was built without a towing winch, but has a quick release tow hook.

2. Atlantic Larch has a towing winch, but no firefighting monitors.

Atlantic Larch and Atlantic Willow berthed the RoRo / container ship Saudi Hofuf at pier 30 on Saturday.
Here Larch is secured to a hull bollard aft, providing drag to slow the ship down. On order from the pilot she will swing out and begin to pull the ship around to slide stern first into the berth.

Willow is performing a similar chore near the bow, and has started to swing out.
Note the Willow is fitted with firefighting gear, but no towing winch. Larch has a towing winch but no firefighting gear. The tugs are of essentially the same class and could be retrofitted with the gear if needed.

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